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Persuasion is an art as well as a science that is learned, developed, and refined. The ability to sway decision makers without using coercive power is critical to success. Bottom-Line Persuasion™ can help you increase your effectiveness by preparing a compelling proposal. By understanding a decision maker’s Priorities, you can understand driving concerns, align interests, develop a win-win solution, and increase agreement. Demonstrating a focus on a key current priority and showing how what will contribute to achieving the driving goal, transitions a conversation from “selling” and “logic” to persuasive influencing.

Understanding the different mindsets or Priorities that drive a decision is critical to effectiveness. There are no “right” or “wrong” Priorities. Priorities shift based on internal and external realities. All Priorities add value.

Priorities change with information and new circumstances. Flexibility or agility in the persuasion process is critical as the pace of change and competition accelerates. Knowing your Priorities can help you clarify your decision criteria as well as detect the criteria that are driving others. Knowing all of the Priorities enables you to consider alternatives, develop effective presentations, and create win-win solutions. Individuals, teams, units, and organizations need to effectively balance Priorities for sustained success.

Bottom-Line Persuasion™ differs from personal influence. Bottom-Line Persuasion™ targets the criteria used by a decision maker to either support or reject an action, idea, or proposal. Creating a winning proposal requires knowing what the other person wants as this point in time. What is their most desired outcome? Knowing the Priorities improves your ability to predict what other people consider valuable or what they seek. Helping them meet their goals leads to the identification of win-win options that helps you achieve your own goals.

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